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[LIVE-REPORT] « Lieu d’Être » : the sky is the limit (english version)

I was at a theater festival, in a colorful and cosy medieval village of the french country, when I first met the choregraphe Annick Charlot around a table with a drink. The texts we were hearing there were sometimes down-to-earth, but often rised up to take the air route to utopia.

The second time I met Annick, it took place in a totally different place : it was in an empty place, stuck between 2 huge high-rise buildings of the city of Lyon during the Biennale de la Danse. In the grey and dull concrete fronts of the buildings were only showing up red broken lines. But the banquet table and the chairs remain. Such as the utopia.

This time, the meeting was actually not set with me, but with the inhabitants of these 2 buildings composing the Cité Zoum, an utopist « ideal village » imagined by Jean Zumbrunnen (a disciple of the architect Le Corbusier). The locals accepted to open their usually closed doors and offeredboard and lodging to the dancers of the Compagnie Acte (Alexandre Achour, Fanny Bonneau, Annick Charlot, Emilie Harache and Farid Ayelem Rahmouni).

For a whole year, they met each other, talked to each other, lives with each other and shared indoor dance sessions together. For a whole year, they all follow through a crazy project : invite the locals to participate to a choregraphy between the ground and the sky, between dance and aerobatics : upright the front of the building, but looking straight to the skyline. An in situ play, a manifesto for the utopist cities and villages.
« Philosophers invented utopias, great men invented equality societies, architects built the places to strengthen social cohesion, inhabitants sat up banquet tables… Lieu d’Être makes a project to create social tenderness, through the presence of artists on purpose, to create the feeling of being part of something in common« , Annick Charlot explains.

Based on the texts written by the dramatist Perrine Griselin, and rocked by the music composed by Stéphane Plotto, the result of such an experience is a lightning and feeric grace, and sprays accurate sentiments. Far away from initiated-only dance shows, the play relates a real story, and what a way to !
Imagine 55 amateurs dancing with the professionnals, imagine weightless aerobatics with the dancers cat-walking on the front of the buildings, imagine playlets of more than hundred inhabitants playing on their balcony ! (this specific scene remembered my the famous advertisement clip directed by Jean-Paul Goude for the Chanel’s perfume Egoiste, with all these opera singers on the balcony of the Carlton Hotel in Cannes, what I invite you to watch here)

This is assuredly a breathless show, which sends a bullet through the heart and straight to the mind.

Until Sept. 30th at the Biennale de la Danse (Lyon, France), the show will also be presented soon in Vienne (Rhône, France) and Riom (Puy-de-Dôme, France). For its premiere, the show gathered 1500 spectators.

If you can’t come and see this unusual play, here are pictures I shot during the 3 first performances of the show. And as a bonus, a video of the rehearsals.

Texte and pictures : Olivier Mignot

« Lieu d’Être« , Cie Acte
Website : http://www.compagnie-acte.fr
See more pictures on the Facebook page of the Compagnie Acte

Texte and pictures : Olivier Mignot

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